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Every corporate team or office needs to have team building activities to boost moral ( Click Here ) and develop social bonds between workers. It has been proven time and time again that employees that have good working social relationships help develop the company, are more productive and create more profits. However a company with negative social bonds, and poor relationships, will inevitably bring the company down in selfish and unjustified actions that hurt the individuals and the company.

The best way to bring people together in a company is to host team building activities. These can be fun for the individual and can bring together a team of people so their social bonds become stronger, work productivity goes up and the company profits.

In Edinburgh there are a wide variety of options to host some experimental activity based learning and team building from sports days to crime scene academies. There are many fun and interesting activities that will bring teams together and boost the moral and learning of an entire company.

Try a rock band experience that puts you into the shoes of rock god’s like Jim Morrison or Freddie mercury. This unusual event split teams into two and sets them up with drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals. They have some time to learn their instruments and then they have to practice a rock song and start rocking. This is fun and can help teams develop each other’s learning opportunities while enjoying a friendly and cooperative experience. They then have to perform in front of others, which can develop the character of employees, and afterwards there is a session for open and honest feedback where everyone connects and reminisces over the fun they had, the challenges they went through and what they learned.

In a more common activity day is the Edinburgh Multi Activity day which is a fun filled out of the office day giving employees the opportunity to let loose and have an adventures. There are a multitude of options to choose from, from hover crafting to clay pigeon shooting. Each activity is fast paced, exhilarating and brings everyone together. The interesting Argo Cats are 8-wheeled buggies that are capable of doing anything and going anywhere and will put your skills to the test.

Try some blindfold driving that tests everyone in the vehicle and requires some serious teamwork. Passengers are meant to guide the driver without speaking which is certainly a challenge. Micro quads are unusual four wheeled machines in small shells, which you can race around and get competitive practice with your teammates.

There are many shooting activities from laser clay shooting( ) to crossbow shooting and air rifles that are fun for individuals and give everyone something to laugh about and connect on. Then there are the team building activities that require everyone’s attention. Chariot racing requires a team to design, build and race a chariot, and human table football takes the traditional game ‘table football’ into a life-size inflatable kick about.

There are many other team building activities in Edinburgh and they will genuinely help boost your companies profits by bringing people together, increasing social bonds and improving teamwork, productivity and corporation within your workplace.

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