Stag Party Games

Stag Party Games

Games for the boys to enjoy without any of the harridans around to tut-tut.  Start the stag nights off with a mission or stag party game, having a game planned will focus your stag party for at least ummm 5 minutes....

Listed below are some top Stag party games. If you have any more, fire them through and we will reward you with a party badge of honour which you can proudly display on your facebook.

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  • Length of Game: Until the coin is lost
  • Complexity: medium

Coin Toss Drinking Game

If anybody can get a coin in your drink you have to down it...

Desert Island date

Fancy a dream date in a desert island and let others guess which celebrity you would love to go with!

Guess the right girlfriend

Interesting way to test your memory and gift some embarrassing moments to the Stag.

  • Length of Game: 5mins
  • Complexity: easy

Guess The Stripper

A fun quizz game for the groomsmen after an exotic strip show!!

  • Length of Game: 15 minutes
  • Complexity: easy

Never Again for the Groom

A stag party game with plenty of fun for all...specially when you read out those answers loud. A winner amoung stags!

  • Length of Game: 5 minutes

Oaths Boys

The oath that binds you to secrecy about the stag party. Most important!

  • Length of Game: all evening
  • Complexity: medium

Peg a Condom

An extension of the simple peg game and funnier

Pimp the Groom

Pimp the Groom is a fun stag party game for all types of groups.

The star game

Choose any of the star (celebrity) and  enjoy guessing what others have chosen.

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