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Just choose something from the drop-down and then press search. You can save anything that interests you to your own WISHLIST which you can come back to or share with your friends. Not Sure? Save your first "wish" and see what we mean.

You can find daytime and night activity ideas or accommodation for your group and then add other people to your group to help you organise the event. You are not alone!

GO Bananas - Everybody needs to sometimes!

GoBananas helps groups of people plan and book days-out, single activities, team-building exercises or party weekends. We understand all the challenges an organiser faces when they have been appointed to organise a group's travel arrangements. GoBananas will take you by the hand and help plan everything from the accommodation and activities through to meals and transfers. Our online system also allows group members to log in and pay their own part, so collecting money from individuals in the party is a thing of the past. Whether it is a stag do or hen weekend, a day of team building or just parent's planning a day of activities for the kids, we are here to help! 

With over 250 types of activities across the whole of the UK, it is a certainty that we have something just right for you. Our team can help advise, plan and book everything you require for a successful trip or event. 

How to Go Bananas!



Find things to do and Save them as Ideas to Wishlist

Start by searching for stuff to do and places to stay and then save them to wishlist


Use Wishlist

Use our Wishlist of Ideas to get everyone committed early on!

Save possible things to wishlist as Ideas so you can show everyone else what is being mooted as possible ideas for the party



Get your group involved at the get-go!

The biggest mistake an organiser can make is doing all the work themselves only to discover that when he presents it to the rest of the lads, they have all sorts of issues and criticisms. So... share your ideas with the group early and then they know what you are planning and comment before you have done too much

Share Payments

Share the Risk

Why pay for it all yourself?

Our system divvies up the payments between each member of the group so that they pay their own way. It save your credit card and you from taking on the risk people not paying you back!

Activities for your Group

You find the activity or experience you want to do with your friends or group, and we can get it all arranged for you with any ancillary stuff as well!

Planning everything for a group is hard work which is what we do for you. However big or small your party, we can probably help. With 5000 different things to do, we must have something for you to do. We have exciting. We have mischief, We have naughty. We have fun and silly and we have relaxing. All you need to do is find what you want to do and get it booked with us. Alternatively, if you just dont know what you want to do, why not let us give you some inspiration and advice. 

Step 1  - Search your Destination for local activities - or - Simply search for an activity to see the closest place where we offer it. 

Step 2  - Check details about the activity and if everything seems tickety boo - check rates and availability and we will get it all sorted out.

Team Building

All of us at GoBananas love helping companies to organise their team building days and corporate events. We know how important it is for the experience to be fun, different and motivating so where better to start than with a website called GoBananas!

We can organise single events, complete days or short packages with accommodation for a great activity weekend. If you are planning to organise a team building event or corporate do then start here. It could be a Christmas party or good old fashion team bonding session we have loads of great ideas and activities. Give us a call or fill out our quick enquiry form

What our customers say



Last minute change of plans needed some fancy footwork...

Turned a last minute organising fiasco into a really fun and enjoyable weekend. Brilliant!



Older Sister and ex-Edinburgh Uni: so high expectations and difficult to please

Life drawing was a brilliant choice especially with crap weather. Highlight was Club Class Tour on Saturday evening. Really good service, thanx.



Original company went AWOL, presumed bankrupt so contacted bus company...

You saved our bacon completely after I thought we had lost money and weekend. Pulled it all together with 10 days to go and against our expectation we actually found the dorm accommodation really good fun.


Liv aka Scream

One booking turned into a whole weekend and some.

you warned us to keep the oldies in another hotel which worked out perfectly. Mothers-in-law! Everybody really enjoyed themselves and the central hotel was such an easy walk from the club. Spa on Sunday was exactly what was needed after the night before. Thanks Christine for being a star.



Early planners catch the worm...

Thanks GoBananas for providing everything I asked for and answering my millions of questions - that's just me. We loved the burlesque and danced all night in the club the same. Def recommend you.


Tania & Vivienne

Brilliant weekend after 1 year's planning.

Took a long time but it was great weekend and everybody really enjoyed themselves. Your service was great. Bus was brilliant and the stripper went down a storm.

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